Part 2 of „Corona COVID-19: Symptoms caused by 60 GHz frequencies?“

It’s spreading!   At last!

It’s not that the virus is spreading, we’re happy about the discussion. There is a discussion about an important cause of this unspeakable COVID-19 “ disease“, which has been „overlooked“ so far

As a reminder:

In our last blog post we reported about the hypothesis that a large part (not all) of the CORONA patients worldwide suffer from radiation sickness and not from an infectious disease. So a special high-frequency radiation is responsible for the death of these people and not a virus!

Important explanation:

Nowhere in these blog posts or in other critical linked comments is it claimed that there are no infectious diseases, nor that 60 GHZ explains all diseases.

Causal link:

Worldwide there are applications in industry and also via satellite, which work with frequencies around 60 GHz. The energy in this frequency band is completely absorbed by the oxygen in our breathing air. As a result, the oxygen molecules are altered and can no longer be transported by the haemoglobin in human blood. The affected people suffer from an insufficient supply of oxygen to their organs, primarily the lungs, brain and heart. This can lead to death. This is then mistakenly attributed to infection with a COVID-19 virus. – More about this in our last blog post and the links provided there.

In this blog post we want to follow the 60 GHz train of thought further. The worldwide consequences, the legal, social, economic, spiritual and intellectual implications, the intentions that may have led to such an event are reported elsewhere on the free Internet.

Here is a summarizing video, which connects many points


The current events since our last blog post:

Here is a post in English that summarizes everything again and also includes a table of the incredibly diverse symptoms of microwave (radiation) disease. This table is based on experiences with the (HF) microwave frequencies known and used so far. 60 GHz brings a partially lethal aggravation.

Here the connection between 60 GHz and COVID-19 is also established

blog2 a

This is an advertisement for the application of 60 GHz technology in the industrial sector:

If you use google chrome as your browser on the Internet, you can get a direct translation. Here the download link for Google Chrome e.g. for Windows and Mac

Here is the incredible report of a lung specialist from New York City

He suspects a wrong treatment strategy. „We have been operating under a false medical paradigm (We see…) how the patients … (are slowly being deprived of oxygen.)“

The patients unfortunately under oxygen deprivation as at 8,000 meters altitude, NOT under lung disease. The patients do not suffer from a previously known lung disease, but from something else. It is not a viral lung disease. Ventilators don’t help, they make it worse.

The willingness of the doctors and nurses (here in the USA) to make sacrifices is incredible.

But also the ignorance of other possible causes for COVID-19 disease than a virus!

Here again the physical connections between oxygen and 60 GHz:

Here are two follow-up videos of Dana Ashlie. As always excellent

Comment Dana Ashlie at the end.

The lung specialist from New York City unknowingly describes the EFFECTS of 60 GHz in patients. (And questions the current treatment regimen)

And then this:

People drop dead without any sign of previous illness

And now the wrecking ball for the previous procedure worldwide:

Explosive video blocked on youtube and vimeo. It has been seen by four million people worldwide

Still available on bitchute

The video refers to the video by Dana Ashlie:

„Individuals must take full responsibility for their own health and protect their loved ones“.

The beginning of this video is transcribed so that you know what 60 GHz does to the human body.

Dana Ashley tells [the following not word for word]

The (knowledge of the) effects of 60 gigahertz [GHz] are not widespread, but here’s what I can tell you, and ironically it’s part of the promotional material of the major telecommunications companies themselves. It says: „60 GHz has a very significant effect on nothing but oxygen itself“.

Yes, there are articles from companies that advertise the benefits of 60 GHz. They openly admit that (the energy of) 60 GHz is absorbable by oxygen. You can see the effect on oxygen in this graph here.“

Translated with (free version)

This video brings it to the point and shows further links

Youtube etc. are incapable of preventing the worldwide spread of opinions other than those given by WHO, UNO and the mainstream avoidance.

Although they try:

What happens now?

Question to Radio Yerevan:

Is it true there may be other ways to spread COVID-19?

Answer: In principle yes, but dead people cannot talk anymore and autopsies are undesirable – end of sarcasm

Stopping the discussion between 5G, 60 GHz and COVID-19 and the well known and researched radiation sickness can lead not only to genocide but also to BIO-cide, on all mammals, including pets, your dogs and cats, dear readers, if the following happens

worldwide expansion of the conventional 5G network

further 60 GHz applications in the industry (see last blog post)

Equipping the motorways with transmitters for self-propelled cars

Expansion of the starlink project, now 60 (?) satellites, planned 12,000, or 40,000 (?)

The consequences of this project alone are far from being explored.

At the moment large areas of the earth’s surface are NOT in the radiation range of 60 GHz!  There may be an exchange of air masses between irradiated and non-irradiated areas.

blog2 b


By the way: Despite intensive rainfalls in the last months in large parts of Europe it is already too dry again. The explanation: Microwave radiation in general is not primarily based on the oxygen in the air (60 GHz), but on the humidity in the air. Water is broken down into its gaseous components.

We wish you good gain of knowledge!

Stay fear-free, vertically centered and look forward to the coming changes.


Wolfgang Kühl


Now on the morning of April 9th two appendices with social reference:


On the subject of „fearless“ …. – „Angst essen Seele auf!“ was in the past in a German daily newspaper.

The generation of ANGST is recommended in a strategy paper of the FRG government. Classified document VS – for internal use only.

How we get COVID-19 under control – Question State

Move out:

In order to achieve the desired shock effect, … especially in children

But please read it yourself!

THIS does not exactly inspire confidence in politics

And the surveillance app for people in Austria allegedly infected by COVID-19 does not inspire confidence either. On the contrary. There are more and more indications of justified MISTRUST towards politics, the pharmaceutical industry and other public institutions.

Politics is still running on the infection track. It allows many of the surveillance measures that have been planned for a long time to be implemented.

With apps against the virus

Trust is a decisive factor

Trust in an aloof group of politicians, which has completely failed across all parties and ignores DECISIONAL advice from thousands of scientists worldwide, censors and suppresses the corresponding advice?


Attached as an appendix is an experience report that is already a reality for many people – for the socially excluded group of electrosensitive people, that is – and could become a reality worldwide. Electrosensitivity is a process that builds up layer by layer and affects more and more people. Arrogance and unconcern has already brought many people down.

Only yesterday on proud steeds,

Shot through the chest today,

Tomorrow into the cool tomb.

Wilhelm Hauff

(1802 – 1827), German fairy-tale poet and novelist

Here a report from the video

It is a personal experience that … was sent by a visitor of

„Anyway, while walking around, I began to notice that there are strange electric fields that can be felt in some parts of the path I walk through the forest. After feeling this electric sensation, the tingling in my fingers, the tingling in my spine a few times, I realize each time that I am within sight of a street lamp with the round 5G thing on it.

I call my friend and tell him – I go in and out in the field and feel that it’s a strange effect. I can even walk behind a big tree that’s being cut down – it’s definitely coming from the streetlight I can see.

If I go further into the forest, it disappears again. After about 4 times I actually get used to the strange feeling it gives.

When I went up a hill, I feel it again, although a little stronger. I look, but cannot see any street lamps. Finally I reach the top of the long slope I am walking up and I see the inevitable streetlight only 100 feet away from me. It is clear that it causes very strange feelings when you are within sight of this lamp.

Then something happened, as if an invisible hand had grabbed me by the throat, so to speak. I coughed and was startled when I realized that I could breathe! Instantaneous shortness of breath.

Immediately I realized that this was the weapon. The 5G gun. The shortness of breath was very rapid and very severe. I am basically fit and strong and I get away from it quickly. When I hid behind some trees, I died out very quickly.

The street lamps are clearly weapons, and they simulate the effects of illness and shortness of breath in a very strange way. Luckily I was making a sound recording at that time and I got the recording.

This is deadly serious, and what I felt, I consider as proof. The system is deadly – you can feel it. It is breathtaking in its power (no pun). If it was much stronger, I would have been in trouble.“

Translated with (free version)



And today, April 10th, a current addendum to the 60 GHz problem


Coronavirus on US aircraft carrier: More than 400 infected


Every reader of part 1 and 2 of the current blog posts on COVID-19 will notice the parallel to the reports on the cruise ships: People are diagnosed as COVID-19 sick, although it is highly unlikely that a real infection has taken place. The ships were at sea or in ports where no infection was reported. (Here, of course, the individual case would have to be examined).

The aircraft carrier and the cruise ships certainly have one thing in common: a complete contamination with 60 GHz, 5G in general, radar, buetooth and other radiation sources.

Passengers and seafarers suffer from an acute lack of usable oxygen. (see this blog post above). Consequence: COVID-19 symptoms.

One wonders: Don’t the responsible persons/supervisors know about it? Do they simply accept to put a multi-billion dollar ship out of action?

Is this another case of collective cognitive dissonance?

facebook, The man called Philipp on 24.06.2018

Embarrassing … and irresponsible! Or just ignorance?

Rather, the entire global economy is being run into the wall …

It will drastically reduce the US defence capability .

It will accept the deaths of tens of thousands of people

It will …

It’s going to be…

It will …

than that the knowledge base and the world view are extended and appropriate countermeasures are taken, which are well known and are presented to some extent in these blog posts.

Dear God … Throw brains from heaven!

Alleged quote from Albert Einstein:

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not sure about the universe yet.

Albert Einstein, *1879 †1955 wikipedia



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