Corona COVID-19: Symptoms caused by 60 GHz frequencies?

The headline is quite something! We will proceed systematically 60 GHz frequencies… Are they even used? Who uses them?

  •  Applications in the industrial sector
  •  60 GHz frequencies and the oxygen in our air
  •  Satellite, military and cruise ship applications
  • A correlation of 60 GHz frequencies to COVID 19?
  • Further questions
  • Literary curiosities
  • A positive outlook


Preliminary remark

The reason for this blog post was a Youtube video we found on 5 March 2020

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda. – YouTube

At that time it had about 750,000 hits. Because of the explosive nature of its contents, we secured it. And lo and behold, … a short time later it was off the net. After YouTube and Google relaxed their censorship algorithms, it reappeared a few days ago with over 1 million hits.

Thanks Dana Ashlie for this video! You cheated the censorship!

Here’s a link in case youtube censors again

In the meantime, this topic has been taken up in a YouTube video on Jo Conrad, Conscious TV, in a conversation with Werner Altnickel

(4) Corona, 5G and sinister plans – YouTube

More precisely between 10 and 21 minutes

Further information regarding the relationship between corona and mobile phone radiation, especially 60 GHz:

For those who are in a hurry, here is the summary of the summary: Death not by COVID-19 but by 60 GHz frequencies!


Here it continues now systematically:

The topic is complex, therefore some preliminary remarks, also to put it on a solid scientific basis and to get it out of the unspeakable mainstream media MSM Panic Circle. The acquisition of knowledge and skills is exhausting. Pre-fabricated canned opinions from the MSM can be inhaled quickly with the consequence: knowledge is for only a few, everyone has an opinion.

So: please fasten your seat belt and switch on your brain!

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 Frequencies around 60 GHz. Are they even used? Who uses them?

So far, the discussion focuses on 5G frequencies between approx. 3.6 and 6.2 GHz. That is up to 6,200 million oscillations per second. Certainly very calming for the human nervous system. (Small irony). Once again, a great deal of money was made by auctioning the rights to use these frequency bands by government agencies.

There has already been a great deal of wrangling over the interpretative sovereignty of the introduction of this 5G technology in the minds of the – as usual – ignorant population. We will not go into that at this point. We are going one step further.


 Applications in the industrial sector

Surprising, but true: 60 GHz frequencies are already being used by 10,000 companies worldwide to bridge the „last mile“: from the company building to fiber optic networks installed in all major cities and metropolitan regions worldwide.  Corresponding regulations for the frequencies have already been made worldwide.

Technically speaking, certainly a good solution. Germany has also defined the use of this frequency band.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, Deutsche Telekom has recently developed a radio technology operating at 60 GHz to transmit the data the last bit between the fiber optic network and the building. At Telekom, this technology is called WTTH.

Availability of fiber optic networks in BRD here.

It is interesting to compare the spread of the fiber optic network including the Super WLAN routers with 60 GHz frequencies with the spread of COVID-19 infected persons Is it just a coincidence that there are so many similarities between the markings* for fiber optic extensions and corona infected people?

*Markings on maps:

Please keep in mind that the map of the Corona infected shows one point per state in the corresponding size of the number of corona cases. On the fiber-optic map, however, the markings are drawn exactly at the location

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The 60 GHz frequency band is internationally released. This means that the frequency bands are not auctioned off internationally by government agencies. This ensures maximum dissemination and use of these frequency bands.

The use of the conventional and higher 5G frequency bands is affected by rain and atmospheric humidity and trees.

frequencies around 60 GHz and the oxygen in our air

Important: The energy in the 60 GHz band is absorbed by the oxygen in the air.

This is a special feature that is also mentioned by the companies that offer such WLAN routers in the 60 GHz range (WiGig routers):

Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties



Put simply, 60 GHz changes the spin/rotation of the oxygen molecule.

More detailed information can be found under the following links:

air – What happens to oxygen during atmospheric absorption of radiation with a peak at 60 GHz – Physics Stack Exchange

blog2 b

Further information can be found here:

And what does that mean? There’s enough oxygen in the air. 21%

That’s right, the amount of oxygen remains the same, BUT:

Oxygen molecules altered in this way can no longer be transported by the hemoglobin in human blood. As a result, there is a lack of oxygen in the organs, especially lungs, brain, heart and in extreme cases leads to a heart attack, e.g. in people whose supply of oxygen to the cells is already poor. This weighs particularly heavily in closed rooms, such as hospitals and in the cabins of ships.

For causes of heart attacks see here:

Insufficient supply of oxygen-rich blood to parts of the heart muscle.

Overall, the lack of oxygen causes symptoms such as those attributed to the COVID 19 virus.

 Applications via satellites, military and on cruise ships


60 GHz applications can already be found via satellites in the military sector and also on cruise ships. ZDF reports as follows

Another interesting fact:

Many cruise ships have switched to Super WiFi via satellite in the 60 GHz band with GEO and MEO satellites. The TOP cruise line PRINCESS CRUISES, for example, has installed the super WiFi „MedallionNet“ on their ships for over 450 million $. An Internet-of-Things (IoT) application based on Artificial Intelligence AI using the 60 GHz band in every cabin on board

MedallionNet uses satellite-based communication from the global company SES.


Most of the vessels of PRINCESS CRUISES are now supposed to be equipped with 60 GHz satellite WiFi. Many of the other cruise lines have followed suit.


The big question: How can a mass infection with hundreds of passengers be explained, even though the vast majority of ships could not be infected by days at sea and in ports without reported cases of infection?

Here is an overview of most or all cruise ships with reported infections:

Answer: Most of the time there are no COVID 19 infections on board. There is only SYMPTOME of it due to oxygen deficiency, because in every cabin of most ships repeaters in 60 GHz or other frequency bands are installed, which degenerate the oxygen in the cabin air, so that haemoglobin of the blood cannot transport this oxygen anymore.

In concrete terms this means: in the cabins there is a lack of degenerated oxygen, on deck good oxygen, which at least partially compensates for the health problems. Nevertheless, there were hundreds of „infected“ people on board the ships.


A connection to COVID 19

  • Thus, the 60 GHz frequencies can be used via the causal chain
  • Reversed polarity of the spin (the oxygen molecules of the air),
  • thus the impossibility of transporting these oxygen molecules by haemoglobin in the blood
  • and finally cause a lack of oxygen supply to organs (muscles, brain, lungs, heart…)

This is then perceived as a SYMPTOME of COVID 19, although no infection is present. The symptoms can even lead to death, e.g. by heart attack.

These causes (60 GHz frequencies via WLAN routers for 60 GHz as well as satellite) cannot be excluded for the victims counted as „covid deaths“.

The latest account of lung disease and the gradual death of the lungs allegedly due to the covid-19 virus is shown here:

BUT: an identical damage to the luge can happen if the lung does not get enough oxygen, because the oxygen which is reversed in the spin by 60 GHz can no longer be transported by the haemoglobin! !!!!

So a hospital becomes a death house, because all hospitals are – independent of 60 GHz – already equipped with mobile phone antennas and in-house WLAN applications anyway, in China in Wuhan especially with 60 GHz.

Summary of the summary:

DEATH not by COVID-19 but by 60 GHz frequencies!


Therefore: form your own opinion whether there is a connection between COVID-19 and the Super WiFi WLAN Router and satellite frequencies in the 60 GHz band used for the fiber connection.

 Further questions:

  • What happens to areas of land, such as Italy, or large cities like Berlin, which are under „bombardment“ for weeks at 60 GHz via satellite?
  • Do the influences of 60 GHz WiGig routers (fiber optic network) add up with the irradiation by satellites?
  • Who is in command of the satellites and who selects the broadcasting areas?
  • Are large cities and metropolitan regions of the world already irradiated via satellite?

What effects on the quality of oxygen will the planned 40,000 (?) satellites have, all of which will also transmit in the 60 GHz frequency band. With mini nuclear reactors on board, they are likely to have a large transmitting power.

One more note: The frequency of 60 GHz = 60,000,000,000 = 60 thousand million oscillations per second has a wavelength of almost exactly 5 mm. I.e. anything thicker than 5 mm has a certain protective effect. The thicker, the better. House walls and roofs therefore protect to a certain extent. But if you are under a cloudless sky, you do not have this protection. Sensitive people can therefore react – if they are in the transmission range of 60 GHz satellites – with the first slight symptoms of a flu-like infection, which can then be misinterpreted as a COVID-19 infection according to the current reading. Even people with a good immune status can be misinterpreted as COVID-19 „infected“ if they are too exposed to 60 GHz radiation. Also mammals, especially pets, can develop such symptoms and die, of course NOT by „viral infection“ between humans and animals, but by lack of oxygen as described above.

60 GHz applications on land and via satellite …. Prohibit immediately! Switch off!

 Literary curiosities

Finally, we would like to point out two books about which everyone can form their own opinion: the book by Dean Koontz (born 1945) „Eyes of Darkness“, in German „Die Augen der Dunkelheit“, an SF novel from 1981, in German 1993, published by Heyne-Verlag, which describes a scenario that looks eerily similar to what is happening today about the COVID-19 „virus“. Total circulation of all his books about 500 Millions.


In the review of the link you can find the table of contents

Move out here:

„The penultimate, 39th chapter of the science fiction thriller „The Eyes of Darkness“ contains spectacular similarities to the current coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese


Scientist Li Chen has defected to the United Statesand brings data on China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon on a floppy disk. Dean Koontz writes: „They call the stuff ‚Wuhan-400‘ because it was developed in their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan. It is the four hundredth viable strain of artificially created microorganisms developed at this research centre. Wuhan 400 is a perfect weapon. It only attacks humans. No other living thing can contain it. Dean Koontz described the disease as fatal, against which known drugs and antibiotics are totally ineffective. The American military finally succeeds in developing a vaccine against „Wuhan-400“, which the Chinese couldn’t produce.

Prophecy of a mass writer, mere coincidence or insider knowledge? It’s probably a little bit of everything. Who doesn’t think that these remarkable similarities with the corona virus „Covid-19“, which was released in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, are possible, should read the mystery thriller „The Eyes of Darkness“ („The Eyes of Darkness“), which has become very popular in the meantime ….“

a positive outlook

In 2008, another book was published that deals with the current scenario around COVID-19, written by the clear-sighted author Sylvia Brown: „End of Days“. Sylvia Brown died in 2013 at the age of 77.



Translation: Around the year 2020, a severe pneumonia-like disease will spread across the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchi and resisting all known treatments. Almost even more mysterious than the disease itself will be the fact that it will suddenly disappear as quickly as it came, attack again 10 years later and then disappear completely

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This puzzling course of the disease can be explained by the connections shown here: If frequencies of 60 GHz are switched off, the disease disappears completely within an estimated ten days

When will 60 GHz frequencies via satellite be banned?

published: ©

Kühl Wolfgang Apr. 10, ’20, 1:49 PM





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