5G Part 1: Danger detected – danger averted!



Dangers of 5G frequencies (5G = 5th generation of mobile radio technology) are discussed more and more … danger recognized – danger averted?

This and the upcoming articles will illuminate backgrounds of the 5G topic, which you probably did not know so far. Only the deeper knowledge of the 5G topic makes an adequate danger defense possible.

The now taking place discussion of the possible dangers of high frequency and mobile radio radiation especially of the new mobile radio frequencies 5G should have taken place 20 years ago. Fortunately, it is never too late, but high time.

Interests of the parties to the conflict

The interests situation shall be clearly described. On the one hand

Die Cellphone Lobby: Goal: Profit maximization

The surveillance lobby: The aim is to control the population from a political point of view, manipulate thoughts and feelings through the use of high-frequency radiation.

The military: The aim is to achieve optimum battlefield management, i.e. online control of every single aircraft, tank and soldier right down to the last corner of „their“ country.

Economy and industry: The goal is profit maximization

The group of politicians worldwide who implement what the aforementioned groups have decided: The goal is to stay in power

Influential techno fanatics: dream of an „improved“ person who is connected to the Internet online, who can control devices by electronic thought amplification and strive for a kind of omniscience and extreme longevity through the man-machine connection.

On the other hand, there is the small group of dedicated, forward-looking doctors and scientists from all fields and the group of those who have already been proven to have suffered damage to body and soul from mobile radio radiation and who point to damage specifically from 5G, not only for humans, but also for animals and plants. Their goal is the preservation of biological life on this planet, which is threatened to the extent that 5G technology is being introduced worldwide.

In between stands the large group of undecided and not or badly informed people, some of whom meet all the criteria of addiction when using their smartphones and most of whom simply cannot or do not want to believe that the above-mentioned leading elites actually knowingly accept something to the detriment of the population or even consciously promote it out of self-interest.

The actions of all participants in the power struggle for public opinion are primarily determined by the interests and world view of the actors. Only the group of those who want to prevent the introduction of 5G is oriented towards the common good. In this context, it is important not only to pay attention to what someone says, but VERY important to pay attention to who it is that says it. I.e. from which interests does the person concerned act? Is he under the influence of groups, institutions? Do these groups, institutions keep themselves hidden?

What is planned?

In the introduction are currently frequency bands above 700 MHz, around 2 GHz and 4 GHz. Frequency bands around 30 GHz are being tested. There are already military applications for frequency bands around 70 GHz, so-called non-lethal weapons which cause unbearable pain and can be used against rioting crowds and enemy soldiers.

The plan is to use 5G technology throughout the country as a prerequisite for the „Internet of Things“ (IoT), which involves replacing all barcodes with small transponders on all products. This would mean an estimated forty times higher radiation exposure, with a correspondingly high number of sick people and animals and dying trees and plants.

The Internet of Things would also be necessary to replace personal driving with remote control, allegedly to reduce the number of accidents or to guarantee intelligent home supply and its inhabitants: For example, the talking refrigerator that calculates the optimized shopping list or makes it available via smartphone.

This is to be implemented by hundreds of thousands of small mobile radio transmitters every 150 to 200 meters, on every traffic light or lamppost, or on trees and houses.


Plans also call for between 20,000 and 40,000 satellites to be installed in orbits close to the Earth’s surface, but which would only have a lifespan of a few years and would then burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The toxic constituents and components would be evenly distributed. (Heavy metals, mercury, possibly radioactive elements).

Furthermore, drones the size of a football field are under discussion, which are to be stationed above the conurbations at a height of a few hundred metres.

Damage to trees, dead bees and birds, and burns to humans have been reported and proven so far.

Some basic information on the damage:

Harmful effects on the physical body and subtle levels of control

The first thing to note here is that every mobile radio radiation has two components

  • A technically used portion that is to be measured with the usual measuring instruments of school physics, which leads to measurable health damage through devices and procedures of school medicine.
  • A largely unknown, technically unused part (summarized under the keyword: non-thermal radiation), which can be explained by special research directions of quantum physics and which requires an image of man extended by a subtle dimension. (Aura, chakras, meridian system as known from Indian, Chinese and indigenous medicine.
  • This harmful effect can be measured with devices of alternative and complementary medicine (e.g. meridian test devices, devices based on electroacupuncture, iHealth devices, PROGNOS devices, – used by Soviet scientists and doctors for health monitoring of cosmonauts on board the space capsules. These devices and also detect measurable health damage.

The second harmful component of mobile radio radiation does not fit many supporters of 5G technology in their world view, is also against their interests and is therefore described as „unscientific“. Reference is made to compliance with limit values. Accordingly, protective measures are not necessary.

However, these limit values have a similar effect on the driving behaviour of motorists when it comes to limiting radiation as a maximum speed regulation on motorways of 500 km/h does – namely not at all!

Not a few opponents of the 5G technology seem to find this second harmful component of cellphone radiation also unsuitable for their view of the world and are therefore dismissed as „esotericism“, but are based on cognitive dissonance, i.e. the refusal to take note of facts that question their own view of the world. Protective measures for this part of mobile radio radiation, which a large part of those affected by mobile radio radiation have found, are described as ineffective.

Harmful effects and protective measures

Since each cellphone radiation (correspondingly applies to each other kind of radiation) has a coarse-matter and also a fine-matter acting portion (question of ones world view!), there is also coarse-matter and fine-matter damage to humans (correspondingly applies to animals and plants). Consequently, there are also coarse-matter and fine-matter processes and devices to neutralize/harmonize/repell corresponding damage.

Both the damage and the harmonisation of the damage can be measured with suitable equipment and regardless of whether one believes in it or not.

Coarse material/physical radiation

  • The effects decrease greatly with distance.
  • are easy to measure on site from a building biology point of view.

Subtle radiation and fields

  • usually have a greater range of coverage
  • are difficult to measure with instruments on site
  • are as well as geopathic disturbances detectable with procedures of radiesthesia, which have been known for centuries.

Coarse-matter/physical protective products

  • are usually permanently installed or adapted in the house or apartment. (wallpapers, paints, window coatings, curtains, special building materials, shielded cables, …)
  • are relatively expensive
  • are very conspicuous for the body (protective suit, clothing, headgear)

Subtle protection products

  • can easily be taken with you when you move.
  • are relatively inexpensive
  • can be worn inconspicuously

Tests of the coarse and subtle matter protective products with appropriate procedures should be available, as should experience reports.

For example, the IFUR Institute conducted a randomised double-blind study with 52 test subjects on the effect of a mobile phone chip.

In particular, the protective measures against 5G must not simply be limited to an extended radiation spectrum into the high gigahertz range or to beam-forming – the targeted tracking of 5G antenna fields to individual smartphones or humans – but must include suitable measures for neutralizing cognitive or emotional manipulation, which are easily possible with 5G and other high-frequency applications.

The optimal strategy

Both coarse and subtle-matter protective products/processes have a coarse and fine-matter effect, since the human control systems are networked with each other in coarse and subtle-matter terms.

The experiences, tests, observations, customer contacts of the IFUR Institute since 1998 show that coarse protective products/processes harmonize approx. 80% of the harmful effects. Subtle-matter protective products/processes harmonize approx. 90%. These figures can vary greatly depending on age, state of health, distance to radiation source, local geopathic stress, other external and internal stress factors (environmental toxins, psychological stress).

It is obvious that coarse-material and subtle-matter protective products/procedures have a common intersection. They therefore add up to more than 100%.

To turn the selection and application of protective products into a war of faith is counterproductive! Rather, common sense is required. Experience reports and tests should be available and considered.

To the optimal proceeding belong indispensably own activities: to get acquainted, social contacts to like-minded people, attach one selve  to  cellphone—critical measures, participate in those, -live consciously according this knowledge and arrange the domestic surroundings accordingly

The following recommendation can be derived from the previous remarks:

The optimum procedure consists of a combination of coarse and subtle protection products/procedures after careful selection.

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